Torch On

This cost effective residential waterproofing method involves melting bitumen polyester membrane using a blowtorch. The melted substance acts as the protective coating, and once cool, is 100% waterproof. Due to its speed and effectiveness, the area can be tiled or used the very next day! A one trip installation and in most cases can be used the same day.


Another popular residential waterproofing method, this application takes more time than the torch-on, although it is still very effective, we offer a return to site to perform a water test to give you 100 % reassurance that there are no leaks!

Some of our waterproofing services include:
Wet Areas – Bathroom Waterproofing
Shower tray all sizes
Full shower walls if required
All perimeters sealed and isolated at door
Shower hob
Hebel hobs
Door angles are used and comes in different sizes to suit your tiled finish
Aluminium Fully waterproofed angle
Galvanised sheet angle fully waterproofed
Streamline angles

Benefits of the Pre Seal application



Workable in 24hrs

Frequently asked Questions about our Pre Seal waterproofing solution

Pre Seal is the name of the process that we have developed to speed up the curing time for waterproofing your wet areas.

It is extremely reliable and 100% waterproof backed by our warranty