Turn to DRYMAN for stress free RELIABLE waterproofing.

Builders please contact us directly on: 07 3807 9013 or admin@dryman.com.au for your no obligation free quote. Please include your contractor’s license number for verification purposes.

As the waterproofing contractor of choice for many of South East Queensland’s most highly regarded building and construction companies, Dryman provides fast-acting, long-lasting value for any project. For years we have successfully completed works for the likes of Henley Properties, Stroud Homes, Australasian Homes and many others.

Dryman’s torch-on membrane cools within minutes, is ideal for large areas and is field tested to last at least 10 years. This durable, instant curing and cost-efficient surface has become a sought-after solution for domestic, commercial, industrial, strata and real estate clients throughout the SEQ region. Click here to view testimonials.

Dryman eliminates the doubt that comes as standard with old-fashioned waterproofing by testing and proving everything is 100% waterproof on the day.


With Dryman’s materials, surfaces are cured and ready for the next tradesman within minutes.


Less waiting around means less wasted time and money – this means smoother workflow, better cost-efficiency, and happier clients.


Dryman waterproofing is scientifically tested for durability and is proven to last at least a decade.


Our innovative Torch-on application process means faster completion, which again means lower costs and faster progression to the next stage of floor construction.


All Dryman work is tested on the day for your complete peace of mind. No surprises, no worrying, no leaks.

Deliver your clients a waterproofing solution that will stand the test of time. Dial 1300 379 626 or contact us online for a fast quote.