Remedial Waterproofing Services

A remedial action is intended to correct something that is wrong, to take urgency of remedial action.

Dryman have many remedial systems to repair and rectify water leaks and the deterioration of concrete.


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* Prepare, analysis and report 
* Depending on the situation Dryman will use a combination of the highest quality products and material and send our experienced team to assist you and analysis the job at hand and  no job is to big or small – call us today for a no obligation free quote for repairs too
* Brick repair and sealing
* Balcony and roof repairs

* Non-slip and trafficable finishes
* Leaking shower and repair 
* Wet area membranes Waterproofing for subterranean basements
* Expansion joint repair, replacement and sealing.  Leaking pipe penetrations, Concrete cancer/spalling, leaking cracks and roof repairs. 

We use only the highest quality products we have proven systems for all jobs, we use a combination of products that are best suited to fix the problem and certify.


How can you tell if you need us?

* Water ingress through existing concrete
* Minor or major leaks or pooling of water
* Water pooling or flowing during rain
* Water damage to walls or ceilings, floors, basements
* Water damage to various concrete coverings
* Concrete starting to form rust or salt stains
* Rising moisture through slab
* White calcification streaks on concrete
* The beginning of concrete cancers

Frequently asked Questions about our Remedial Waterproofing solution


Don’t be fooled. A small water leak is often sign of a larger problem which could affect the structure of your building.

It is extremely reliable and 100% waterproof backed by our warranty